Martin Heidegger on Technology: A Response to Essentialist Charge

TitleMartin Heidegger on Technology: A Response to Essentialist Charge
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsTuranlı, Aydan
JournalKilikya Felsefe Dergisi
Pagination1 - 16
Date Published2017
KeywordsAndrew Feenberg, Martin Heidegger, anti-technology, autonomy of technology, essentialism, technological determinism, technology

Martin Heidegger is one of the major philosophers influencing discussions of the condition of technology in the modern era especially with his very much debated article, “The Question Concerning Technology.” However, his views of technology are variously interpreted. Andrew Feenberg and Don Ihde accuse Martin Heidegger of being “essentialist.” Feenberg also implies that Heidegger is a technological determinist and a strong pessimist. On the other hand, Iain Thomson asserts that Heidegger’s view of technology is not essentialist in the traditional sense. David Edward Tabachnick also underlines that essentialism in Heidegger does not necessarily include determinism. In this article, I defend Heidegger against Feenberg’s essentialist charge. First, I summarize Feenberg’s interpretation of Heidegger. Secondly, I criticize Feenberg to show that his accusations against Heidegger are unjustified.

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