“The Strong Programme” and the Rationality Debate

Title“The Strong Programme” and the Rationality Debate
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSerin, Funda Neslioğlu
JournalKilikya Felsefe Dergisi
Pagination41 - 50
Date Published2017
KeywordsBarry Barnes, David Bloor, Rationality, Scientific Method, Sociology of Knowledge, Strong Programme

Various approaches have been made for understanding the nature of science and scientific knowledge. The social factors that played some role during the choice of scientific theories (like the theory of evolution) in the nineteenth century popularised the opinion that the scientific knowledge is the subject of a sociological research. During the ongoing discussions, one of the explanation or the justification models that was proposed is known as “the Strong Programme.” The main claim of “the Strong Programme” is that the social factors have a determining role for the choice of scientific theories, rather than the rationaland universal criteria one may expect. Hence, those who were behind this view rejected all of the rational analyses made for the sciences and the scientific methods. In this paper, we try to investigate the validity of the claims of “the Strong Programme,” and to clarify whether it is possible to understand the real nature of science without any rational approach. It is argued that it would beinsufficient to determine the content of the science merely by the social factors, the natural facts might be meaningful by themselves as well.

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